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Notes for Deposits

Variations of the retainer or deposit amount is without taxes. It is to be applied at the last invoice or permit submission, whatever is first, similar to a rental security deposit. The deposit will not show on your statement of account until it is applied, as labor is not yet been expended for it.

A deposit is a payment convenience and security against the last invoice and regular disbursements that occur during and after the project, such as printing costs. Digital receipts are kept if a proof is required.

Where possible, larger disbursements should be paid to vendors as separate client credit card purchases, or checks in the amount of the required amount, such as city fees, instead of using up the retainer deposit on the account. Ideally, it should be just used up at the end of architectural services on your project.

The retainer deposit is a normal OAA contract requirement indicating, with the signed agreement, that you have retained an architect, and that that architect’s services are currently on your project. To apply the retainer to the last invoice is to no longer have an architect retained, or services are complete. If your agreement requires general review and services that need to be retained to the completion of construction, deposit retainage should not be applied.

OAA agreement practice tip for Residential clients.