The mission of ERICKSONG ARCHITECTS is to advance a wide variety of computer applications within the scope of professional architectural services, to business and the general public. 

Written: Dec 20, 2020.

The vision of the firm is to fully integrate artificial intelligence within the built environment.

It’s parent firm Gary Erickson Architect provided advanced design services to large development firms.


THE FIRM started as a freelance design consultancy servicing large Toronto development firms, as Gary Erickson Architect.

Many businesses start from a garage. I worked out of a small second level office at Queen West and John Street, looking over a Starbucks, until the recession.

Those were the startup days.

Queen and John first location
Our first location at Queen and John Street across from City TV.

After the crash of 2007, I closed the office, as our clients had either moved or downsized. Gary Erickson Architect was acquired by IBI Group, in support of the purchase of another firm I had worked for earlier, Robbie Young + Wright Architects. 

The new business concept was to offer a small consulting practice with a strong investment in computer CAD and marketing software. 

Toronto has a lot of architects, as do most Canadian cities. Despite the plentiful competition, there is aways a need for an update.

A combination of automated REVIT permit drawings and Google marketing software was the added value to the traditional matrix of pro services. The end effect was lower fees overall.



Smaller firms with limited but flexible investment can lead in the implementation of disruptive technologies. Large professional firms, with their legacy investment in hardware and staff, can experience a lag effect.  Small firms have an edge.

Architectural services and computer software are related. The graduate level professional credential streams often lead to more intensive use of computer software in offering services in many fields. 


The core business idea was to offer large firm design and permit drawing services for smaller design budgets using more efficient use of computer resources. 

Today, a decade later, ERICKSONG ARCHITECTS has a growing and diverse client list of local and international firms. These firms select cost effective and inspiring applications of BIM technology to their building permit challenges. Feeding these applications is the personal service, specialized experience, artistic and legal expertise Gary Erickson Architect was known for.

As with most firms, we have developed a flexible team of specialized technical, business, and engineering consultants to provide clients the full spectrum of services for their projects.

Office frontage
Now at 27 Stewart Street, at the Thompson Residences near Bathurst and King Streets.