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The future of digital art and architecture has taken another step forward, allowing creators to post, sell, trade and earn royalties on crypto blockchains.

Daycare Wall
Drawing of daycare garden wall graffiti design in Little Bugs Nursery.
Porch renovation.
Drawing of porch design on Toronto beach district street.

What is the advantage of NFT architecture?

The computerization, electrification, decentralization of distribution and ownership of content in many forms of expression has great new advantages.  

An NFT is instantly transferrable. The traditional ownership of artistic and architectural property has a complex system of verification, physical transfer, and storage. Expensive museums are built to display and secure the treasure hordes of the very few. Private property is by invitation only.  

NFT’s are the democratization of artistic and architectural assets. 

An NFT is immortal. All matter is temporary. With the invention of decentralized computer servers, the era of immortal data with fast search and retrieval has arrived.  As long as there are efficient storage media and the advantages of electrical transmission, an NFT asset can survive the eons, despite the mists of history.  The internet is forever.

NFT’s have defied entropy, the property of matter to disorganize.

An NFT promotes creativity. As smart contracts can define finer terms for property exchanges,  NFT’s can securely and instantly reward artistic efforts through royalties on each asset transfer. Industrialization meant relentless standardization, leading to the alienation of the creator from the medium.

NFT’s increase creators’ access to capital, and artistic markets.

An NFT inspires new forms. A new medium, cryptographically empowered websites, can lead to new ideas. NFT’s beg animation’s, high and low-resolution quality digital creations, the strange, the scientific, the political. Global access can drive new territories of identity. A common use case for NFT’s is the social media avatar.

NFT’s promote new identities in the virtual space. 

An NFT provides access to organized data. In every studio and office is a server or storage area of data objects, the property of the artist, architect, owner or collector.  This is lost upon the end of the practice, upon death or insolvency.  A single source of accessible information on both centralized and decentralized databases releases this data to be used in the future. Imagine the difficult infrastructure project, the Chicago Big Dig for example, with the 3d Cad models of all underground structures, registered accurately in global space, offering a context for future design and development.

NFT’s amplify creative work by making it centrally stored, searchable, verifiable, and available. It is an SSOT, a Singular Source of Truth.

What is the risk of NFT’s? The risk of loss of contact with the physical object can be overcome by either unlocking the link to methods of physical purchase, such as ordering a framed drawing, or personal travel to experience physical assets in their environment in traditional venues; museums, theatres, galleries, cities, and landscapes. The Metaverse is another alternative for a virtual connection in an open world.

NFT’s can provide access to both digital and physical assets to a global public. 

Are NFT’s a scam? Yes. of course they are. If they weren’t they wouldn’t exist today. But that doesn’t mean the things I write above are not true. 
There is great potential, after the sharks die. Sorry real sharks,  not you, your one of the oldest species. 
Eventually the rug pulls will calm down, and real tech innovation may survive, as they tend to do. Remember fire? Now that was hot. 
It cost me $200 USD to set up Opensea on Polygon with both the original ETH chain initialization fee, and test buying at one of my auctions. Thats cheap for a perpetual website, actually. This website is about that every year. Servers no free, right?
I spend NO money on this tech, just a lot of drawing time. You don’t need to spend millions on a great cartoon of a primate, or 69 million USD on an 8-year pixel montage. That’s crazy, right? You know that.

If you feel inspired you can buy my NFT art for dinner, and with some persistence sell it for a profit, then I get a 10% royalty for my efforts.