SONOpan panels save daycare renovation

Navigating building codes with sound panels Installation of 3/4 inch layer of sound panel insulation Alison Grinton, the friendly owner of the historic house on 290 Runnymede Road, had run her in home daycare for years, but wanted to level up to a full licenced daycare.  Why not spread The Montessori Schoolhouse to as many children

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The first architect NFT

NFT’s are accelerating the electrification of the arts and architecture in the information age. In 2021 I joined Opensea.io as an exploration into the new world of non-fungible tokens.  If you know about Ethereum, or ETH, the operating system of these so-called 3rd layer internet assets, you will know that Opensea minting operates on this cryptocurrency.

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child's drawing with coloured umbrellas
Building Permits
Gary Erickson

Daycare succeeds despite impossible odds

5. A Brave Stand: The Enchanted Daycare’s Fight for Brighter Tomorrows   Once upon Kingston Road, on a bustling street corner, Stood the Enchanted Daycare, where hearts would reformer, With two classrooms inside, and a playground of joy, But shadows loomed near, testing dreams they’d employ.   Miss Jennifer, the hero, with courage in her eyes,

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