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As a sample of an interior set of permit drawings, here is a very small retail unit - a beauty spa at the Aura tower..
The essentials are sampled below.
• A cover sheet gives context, and a drawing list.

• A floor plan lays out the elements, and gives notes as to the scope of work, here a simple renovation for a new retail mall space at Aura. Other drawings are keyed in on this plan as a reference. Legends appear in the corners to explain symbols used. Barrier free elements are fully dimensioned as per OBC citations for the city plan examiner. A bar scale and north point complete the plan.Light switching is shown here, but can also be shown in a separate lighing plan if complex.

• Looking up, the refelected ceiling plan, seen as if a mirror is on the floor, gives the finishes, and elements on the ceiling, and the underneaths of doors and window openings. This space did not allow hung lighting, so no lights are seen in this view.

Sections, and their elevations beyond, show all heigths above the finish floor. Wall and floor assemblies are listed, and fire ratings are diagrammed here. This space has none. Finish tags such as P1 for paint no 1, appear in bubbles, and leaders point to their surfaces.

• The front mall elevation gives the walk by impression. Signage is usually depicted here. In this store the owner is suppling the sign.

Details describe, in larger scale, how materials come together in plan, section and elevation. This detail depicts a sliding pocket door. If the manufacturer is not known, a generic design is depicted. Barrier free notes, such as a flush bottom track for easier wheelchair movement, is noted.

• Schedules give information related to elements in the design. Here a FFE, or Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment schedule, portray what is known about these elements. Power requirements are listed here for the contractor to incorporate in the load calculations for the electrician's information.