We offer a complete one day zoning feasibility service in Toronto. When contemplating a purchase or development, we provide an illustrated minutes of meeting with a city examiner of your subject property, a sketch of site constraints, and one massing option for your review.
If you decide to purchase, develop or not, you will be happy you were briefed on both the design and financial impacts of your decision.

Here is a sample of a quick impact study for an addition of a second rental unit to a one story house using the renovation provisions, keeping 50% of exterior walls. It contains all relevant zoning details and source material. Zoning terms can be confusing relating to allowable building depth, building length, site coverage, FSI or Floor Space Index, and building height. Add to the confusion. the conflicting sets of old and new zoning bylaws in force in Toronto. The orange area in the concept sketch plan and street elevation is the maximum building envelope available on this land without rezoning to committee of adjustment.

All material on this site is for illustration only, and not to be used for any purpose other than education.


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